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What is Gorbaniov Network

GOR is decentralized cryptocurrency, that is making waves in the world of BlockChain.

This innovative project (hard-fork of Kaspa) *** with full asic resistance system ***

is based on the Proof of Work consensus algorithm and uses the hashing function to ensure the security and efficiency of its network.

The team behind Gorbaniov Network is made up of experienced blockchain developers who are dedicated to creating a financial system that is accessible to everyone.

By using decentralized technology, Gorbaniov aims to provide a safe and secure platform for users to transact and store their assets.

The Proof of Work consensus algorithm is a tried-and-true method for securing blockchain networks.

By requiring users to solve complex mathematical problems in order to validate transactions, the network is protected from malicious actors who would seek to undermine its integrity

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Road Map

Phase #2


Phase #1


Phase #3



Proposal of solution


Installation of new software

Phase #1


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  • Launch of the Gorbaniov Network blockchain.

  • Launch of the network wallet and explorer.

  • Launch of the GOR mining pool.

  • Listing of the GOR coin on exchanges.

Phase #2


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  • Smart-Contracts integration into the Gorbaniov Network.

  • Web3 Development in the Gorbaniov Network

  • Create a marketplace in the Gorbaniov Network.

  • Development of network security and performance

  • Community expansion and marketing activities.

Phase #3


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  • Expanding the user base and introducing the Gorbaniov network.

  • Increasing the number and variety of features, assets, and items on the marketplace.

  • Development of partnerships and cooperation with developers and publishers.

  • Raising awareness and recognition of the Gorbaniov network in the industry.

  • Developing innovation and creativity in Gorbaniov Network features and services.



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